President's Message

I have been proud to work for a safe and peaceful living environment as a member of the Hermosa Beach Police Officer’s Association during the past 14 plus years. I have witnessed many changes in the city in that short time. There is one thing that has not changed; the commitment of the members of this association to provide highly qualified, motivated, and professionally trained officers who are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year.

Whether we’re manning an intersection for the Hermosa Beach Triathlon, securing the parade route on St. Patrick’s Day, watching the volleyball venue when the AVP host the Hermosa Beach Open, wishing residents a Happy New Year on December 31st, checking in on booths at the Hermosa Fiesta, patrolling the Pier Promenade, or working every 4th of July holiday, the officers know that any sacrifices we make are done with a sincere desire to protect people from harm. It is what is expected of us. One of my goals as association president is to strive to support our efforts to continue to do whatever is humanly possible to handle all future challenges we may face in the line of duty. I hope those efforts are appreciated.

Although officers deal with difficult situations on a daily basis, the successes typically go unnoticed by the general public. If you visit this website on occasion you may get a chance to find out about more of those successes. In addition, you may find useful information concerning many of the programs we participate in throughout the year, such as the PAL at Hermosa Valley Middle School, Neighborhood Watch, the South Bay D.U.I. Task Force, the School Attendance Review Board, and the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, just to name a few.

Because so often people can get an impression of an officer that is obscured by distance and outside influences, I want to encourage you to take a closer look at the officers you see on the street. When you discover that you have found them to be approachable, helpful and decent hard working men and women just like any other Hermosa Beach resident, I hope you’ll let us know. We appreciate the feedback.
Matthew Rushton, President
Hermosa Beach Police Officers’ Association
Matthew Rushton, President